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PURE FLY NZ – A preview screening from Series 3 of Pure Fly NZ, the New Zealand based fly fishing TV show that has drawn wide acclaim. This episode features Rene Vaz and mates as they explore the lower South Island and the surprising variety of winter trout fishing available to the enterprising angler, proving that in NZ the season never really ends!


Murray cod, Australia’s largest exclusively freshwater fish, can eat a full-grown duck in one hit. They are the apex predator of our inland rivers.

Join Joshua Hutchins and his crew as they chase down the ultimate prize: the elusive one metre Goodoo on fly. With hard hits, wild Aussie landscapes, and clear water sight-fishing, this is Murray cod as you’ve never seen them before. Experience the thrill first hand, travelling by four-wheel-drive, helicopter and foot to some of NSW’s best native fisheries.


The movie “Three Runs” is about the dream of many fly fishermen to catch an Atlantic salmon. Fly fishing’s history grows with each passing day as new species and the techniques to catch them evolve. It is indisputable that its history lies in the pursuit of wild brown trout and Atlantic salmon in the UK. Consequently, no matter where you are from, where you began your fly fishing career or on what species, the desire to understand and catch an Atlantic salmon is always intriguing. Felix Stintzing, Stephan Dombaj of “Fly Fishing Nation” and the rest of the team show in their film that there is hope to catch healthy salmon in an intact ecosystem on the Ponoi River in Russia.

Atlanticus picks up where many Tarpon stories leave off.  This is not the familiar tale of migrations, worms, or flats.  Rather, this film follows a group of friends on an incredible journey from the beaches of Gabon, through Mexico, and deep into Central America.

Our team wanders off the beaten path to find Tarpon in the most unusual places.  This adventure is an emotional ride with lessons in persistence, failure, and ultimately discovery.   Accompany us as we fish a locust hatch of plague proportions, search for monsters over 120 miles from the ocean, and attempt something nearly impossible…  to catch a Tarpon on foot.

After several years in production, Atlanticus is heading to the big screen and touring with the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour.  The latest installment from Director/Producer Grant Wiswell, Creative Director Matt Orton, and Castaway Films is sure to make you think differently about the mighty Megalops.  Atlanticus stars Jeff Currier, Jako Lucas, Neville Orsmond, Drew Miller, Dr. Andy Danylchuk, Aaron Ford, and many more.

Join our journey into the unknown.