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Fish & Game Magazine – was born out of the features section of NZ Fishing News in 1993. Bob South was the features editor at that time and teamed up with ad man Peter ‘Fox” McIntosh and designer Stan Tucker, of Hot House Design Group, under the then contract, to the publishers. The first years issues of Fish and Game NZ magazine were all commercially driven to the incumbent freshwater audience without much Fish and Game New Zealand involvement.

The eventual marriage of the magazine and the NZ Fish & Game organisation came after a direct approach from then national Fish & Game councillor Tom O’Connor to Bob South in 1994, with O’Connor long holding a desire to have his organisation involved in a world class national publication.

The first F&G ‘Special Issue’ was a collaboration between the Fish and Game Council and the incumbent publishers to add regional content and mail out to the licence holders/purchasers to better communicate F&Gs field work and objectives.  This is now an over 21-year relationship that commenced with the first Special Issue in 1995 and is now into its 43rd Special Issue edition in 2017.